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Policies and Procedures


Once our contract has been signed the cancellation policy applies to any changes required. W e require 30 days written notice if your project is to be put on hold or cancelled. Your project will also require written notice if you are ready to resume work.  No deposits will be returned on cancelled work, regardless of the status.  Any outstanding invoices must be paid before your contract is considered cancelled.


A schedule of Payments will be given to you at the onset of your project.  We will notify you in advance when a payment is due. If  the payment is not made within 48 hours after due date, your project may be put on hold.  In the event that your project is put on hold.  In the event that your project is put on hold and you would like to resume work, written notice is required. Y ou will be scheduled at the earliest possible date.


All personal data gathered during the course of our project is considered highly confidential and will be treated with the utmost care.  This applies to information regarding our clients, the design work being implemented, and all financial information. 

Our number one priority is the comfort of our clients and their confidence in the services we provide.  We look forward to taking each client through a thoughtful design process.  Here are a few of our key company policies that ensure a smooth and efficient project. ​

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