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  • Mae Reedy

Laundry Room Conversion

One of my favorite parts of design and remodeling are the major transformations! When in doubt… Let's rearrange! 

This family really wanted a mudroom... and we made it happen! By moving the appliance connections just about 4 feet, and enlarging their master closet, we were able to create an in-closet laundry area, freeing up precious real estate as you enter the home from the garage. With these few simple steps, the homeowners really are taking full advantage of their square footage! 

And how amazing is the new blue color palette ☺️

Here is a little more behind the scenes look at the project. When we started to assess the many ways we could rearrange, we were also redoing the bathroom on the south wall, but we didn't want to take away from that space. We briefly entertained moving these to the water closet, but the place with room to spare was really the bedroom. By enlarging the closet into the bedroom a few feet, we opened up the perfect spot to park the washer and dryer. 

The dryer vent location as well as the electrical and water had the tiniest of moves, making this a really affordable way to relocate the laundry set up. We tiled the back section of the closet and brought in a prefab cabinet and hanging rod kit. 

On the mudroom side, we saved money by keeping the existing upper cabinet boxes and having just new doors made. We had a custom bench made and topped it all off with a custom cushion. We added beadboard, hooks, and all new paint. My favorite part has to be the tile! Our client fell in love with this tile on Pinterest and our wholesaler was able to track it down for us. 

The biggest change here is actually the vibe. In Dallas and this part of texas, a garage entrance through the alley - at the back of the home is really common. Families park in the back of the home and enter through the back. We aren’t greeted by the pretty scenes we set for guests at the front door. Walking into a crowded little space with chores waiting for you is not a good vibe. With the appliances relocated, the space is opened up and you are instead greeted by cheery tile, a comfy seat, and a place to store your things. It’s a much sweeter way to be welcomed home! Without adding any additional square footage, they have gained so much.


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