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  • Mae Reedy

Love It or Leave It Home Remodel!

Happy Wednesday! And welcome to our inaugural blog post! It seems like I always have so much to say, and it’s too much for the hustle and bustle of social media - so welcome to the slower paced, deeper look behind the curtain. Here on the blog you can expect to find a deep dive into the designs - there are a lot of reasons we make the decisions we do, so we are not gatekeeping here! If you’re interested in a remodel either by our team, another team, or you’re a brave DIYer - stick around. 

Being the principal interior designer and a female general contractor in the Dallas luxury homes market is an interesting ride! Because our team is installing what we pick, we can share a lot of insight with you on how to squeeze every penny out of a project and get to the finish line with no regrets. 

For our first post, I wanted to walk you through our whole home “Love It or Leave It” project. (I wanted to call it “Love It or List It” but I don’t want to get sued…) But you know exactly what we mean. When this sweet family first reached out, they were at a total crossroads. She wanted to stay and remodel, and he wanted to move. We talked through the budget and some great ideas, and then they took some time to also house shop. In the end, they decided they just couldn't beat the location and appeal of their current neighborhood. So we jumped into action! 

The wishlist: 

-A kitchen facelift

-Master bath remodel

-Girl’s bath remodel

-A proper mudroom

-Move the laundry room 

-All new flooring (new carpet and refinish and repair the wood floors) 

-A proper home office for him 

-Mini makeover for the bedrooms

Here is a sneak peek at the actual client boards we presented in the beginning:

It took months of planning, but we had a plan. The family moved out and we got to work.  By moving the laundry into the now enlarged master closet, we could deliver on a mudroom. By eliminating the outdated soaker tub - the master was now spacious and loaded with bonus features. With smart cabinetry planning, the girls could each have their own space in the bathroom. 

We were always on the same page design wise, light, bright, a little playful, always soft and a cohesive coastal modern color palette. The house now felt luxury! We came in ahead of schedule and under budget (they even had some funds for extra add ons like new fans and window treatments!)

In later blogs we plan to take you through each space to show you our design process, favorite products, and tips on how to plan for your remodel. 

Stick around! 




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