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This bathroom was quit the challenge!  We had a lovely client that wanted a distinguished look, but it all needed to be appropriate for her and her sweet husband to grow old together here.  After months of planning, we were able to carefully balance ADA compliant features with a Hamptons aesthetic.  Featuring polished nickel, mother of pearl, porcelain handle plumbing, and glitter quartz, this marriage of function and beauty will be appreciated as this couple settles into age gracefully in place.  

When we typically think of navigating a bathroom with a mobility device, grab bars for balance, and extra wide door clearances, we picture a hospital or assisted living facility.  Cold, sterile, and very bland.  We checked all of the boxes for long term independent living without compromising on style!

Our favorite features are: the large dressing area with storage (that was once the location of an outdated tub), the pull out hot tools and makeup brush drawer, and the motion activated under cabinet lighting.

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