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Meet the Team


Mae Reedy Design Meet the Team
Mae Reedy Design Meet the Team

Mae Reedy: Principal Designer, General Contractor, & Founder 

I always knew I always wanted to be an artist. To create beauty. I just never dreamed my canvas could be so big!

My passion: I am a classically trained artist and self-taught interior designer. My passion for expert execution was a catalyst to becoming a general contractor - to ensure that what we dream becomes the reality. I am lucky to call myself a female entrepreneur, a job creator, and an artist. 

My focus: A life lived beautifully through great design. Light, luxurious, and catered to the needs of those who are lucky to dwell there. I am grateful for the honor of transforming our clients' lives through our work - from concept to completion.

My goal: Quiet luxury. Crafting places of solace, rest, and refinement. A much-loved home delivered by a well-designed business that is women owned and women led. With attention to detail and focus on artful living, if you'd like to transform your space, let's chat. 

Mae Reedy Meet the Team

Jenn Jagielski: Creative Director & Lead Designer

For me, my home is an anchor point. It’s where I feel most comfortable and helps ground me when life gets uncomfortable. It’s a sanctuary. Even when my kids have a hundred friends over, I can still breathe because my home caters to my needs.


Through this journey to puzzle out the elements it takes to create an environment that best supports the physical and mental needs of my family, I found myself head over heels in love with design and a passion for sharing the necessity of mindful design with others.


I love brainstorming creative solutions and hunting down those special components that give you goosebumps every time you see them. Let’s connect to dream of ways to make your home a sanctuary for you.

Mae Reedy Meet the Team

Amanda Hooper: Designer and Procurement 

Hello, I'm Amanda and I believe that decorating your home is like telling a story.  Every fabric, texture,  paint color and material I help you select for your home design project represents a detail in the heart of your personal story. 


What can people say about you when they walk into your home?  What remains hidden that you save only for yourself?  You may not know it yet, but you’re having a conversation with every room of your house.  Let’s turn that dialog into a poem and transform your house into a home that speaks to you. 

Mae Reedy Meet the Team

Lauren Hampden-Smith: Designer

From a young age, I was inspired by the power of design to uplift, motivate and express. I believe that our surroundings have a profound impact on our well-being and confidence, and I believe our homes are a window into our personalities, backgrounds, interests, and aspirations.


These beliefs fuel my dedication to crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee and turn your dreams into a reality one designed room at a time. 

Mae Reedy Design Meet the Team

Loretta Medina: Project Manager

Hi, my name is Loretta Medina-Torres. I am the Project Manager for Mae Reedy Design.

I’m not quite sure how I landed in the construction business, but I knew I liked keeping track of calendars, deadlines, coming up with solutions, & multitasking. - You’ll understand the multitasking part when you see me walking around texting on one phone and handling a Spanish call on another!

I’m your go to person if you need price bidding, material status, and give you updates on the status of your project. I look forward to managing your next project! 

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